Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scrapbooking and Wallpapers

When using Filter Forge one could be working on a filter for hours just trying to get it
perfect thinking that its the best filter you have ever created. You hit save and watch the
window being rendered only to find out that you actually don't like it so it becomes
another filter to finish another day.

These are common place in Filter Forging. I think I have about 20 or so filters that are
not complete or just waiting to be complete. I create a filter and get about 3/4 of the way
finished with it then start to mess around with another idea. So the original idea gets
pushed to the back of the line to await for its' name to be called to the front of the "Finish
Me" line.

Sometimes I get a mental block and go back and look at these but creating a pattern
filter always seems like a good filter at the mental blockage moments. This is one that I
created during one of these moments. It really did not help the mental blockage but it
was just fun to create.

Might be good for those into the Scrapbooking or might make some good wallpapers.
The filters name is Wallpaper Generation..

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