Wednesday, June 13, 2007

of Art and Frames

Something interesting I came across a long time ago crawling and sailing through web pages was an article on engadget how someone made a pringles can macro lens.
I thought this was pretty cool at that time so I made one. It came out usable and the picts were good although none of those will get posted. However I started playing around with this method and different magnifying lenses. I had some old shipping tubes that were just taking up space so I thought I would put them to use. I will post the specs if anyone wants them, but first I need to put them together. I used 4 magnifying lenses for this. The 2 in the front are connect together and come off. Same with the one in the back. All the lenses can also be seperated. There is also a connecter in the back to connect this to a pringles can...

The lens is designed for those inexpensive digital cameras that have digital zoom but no optical.
I was using a Kodak Easy Share C300 with the pict below. Standing about 10 feet away from the subject.

Same with this pict below. This is the one that used and ran it through some filters in Filter Forge.

This is the image that I took and ran it through Impressionist Paint

Then I took the resulting image and had to put a frame around it using Used Frames 2

So if you do use Filter Forge now, you know who you are, or if you plan on using or trying it
sometimes applying more than one filter to an image can yield some great results..


Anonymous said...

You should paint the inside of the tube black (matte). Thus the light doesn´t bounce inside.

CFandM said...

Hmm I plan on re-doing this so I will try out the painted tube..Thanks for looking..

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