Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Create a Filter With Weird Organics.

Creating textures in Filter Forge is always interesting. You could have put a lot of work and time into creating and tweaking the filter just to get it right. Then you create another one that looks much more life-like and by far more interesting and it only takes five minutes or so. Here's a tutorial for creating a nice disgusting organic texture. This is what it will look like when we are done. You can add to this and create your own disgusting mess.

This is what the components connected together will look like.

Following the images in order will give you the organic mess. The components being on the right side and the settings for that component on the left...

Set the refraction to 8

Now you can save this filter and adjust the light to your liking. This will give you different
looks to the texture. Also adding different control you can control the size of the cells.
Also adding a control to control the refraction and blur also brings out some more interesting
looks to the organic look..

Have fun with this..

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