Sunday, May 27, 2007

Randomize and Presets

Using Filter Forge
Randomize and Presets
By CFandM

So you downloaded a filter that you really, really like or you just want to play around with but don't like the presets. Or just maybe want to create
your own masterpieces. Here's a quick tutorial to get started at randomizing and making your own presets.

In the Main window of Filter Forge and to the bottom left you will find the above tabs. Going to the Settings tab you will find
the buttons No 1 and No 2. Clicking Next Variant will move the controls in a random order. When the back button
is clicked it will take you to the previous random variant.. Clicking the button with the dots brings up the
Randomize Settings. (Which We will get to in a second).

TIP: Some filters do not work well with the Randomizer without first using the settings..So if you find you
have only a black screen either click a couple of more times or choose a preset then use the Randomizer Settings to
control the output more.

When you click the button with the dots the Randomizer Settings dialog pops up. This dialog needs no explanation except that if you
find you are getting a black screen when using the Randomizer I set the Level to LOW and the Parameters to either
Variation Only or Variation and Controls. If this works then you can go back and turn the Level back up to High or Medium..

Once you have found that perfect Variation you can save it with the presets. Its always good to wait for your creation to finish rendering before adding
it to the presets. Once it is done click the Presets Tab. There should be a little arrow where I have circled in the above pict. When that is clicked
the above menu pops up. Scroll to add preset and choose that.

Here is the new variation that was now added to the presets. So now you can edit that or use it for another time. It is now saved with the filter...
That's it for this tutorial. Hope it helps make Filter Forge more fun to use...


txdave said...

Internet readers tend to return to blogs with a focused theme, and I must admit I don't understand if you have a theme or what it's about.

Some more color would also liven up the blog, see wht I mean:

good luck


CFandM said...

Well the theme so far is about the Filter Forge plug-in for using with Adobe Photoshop or other graphic apps. You can also use it by itself also..

CFandM said...

gotta like the joys in chaos...
Controlled Chaos is no fun...

Anonymous said...

Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

CFandM said...

Glad this helped on your assignment..

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