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Submitting Filters to the Filter Forge Library

Submitting Filters to the Filter Forge Library.
a tutorial by CFandM
Updated March 2007

For this tutorial I will be submitting a filter called "Abstract Growth 3". It came out kinda cool. Anyway, you have made your own filter and now want to submit it.
First thing you want to check is what other filters are available at the time. In case someone had the same idea. Also check
names just in case there happens to be one with the same name.

First thing to do is select the filter that you want to submit. Right click on that filter and a menu will appear. Chose "Submit To Library".
Notice the dots, they represent that there is a dialog that will open.

The first dialog that you are greeted with during this process is the Welcome dialog. I have changed the name
of the filter to "Abstract Growth 2" for the moment which I will get to a little later in this tutorial.
Here you can click the "next" button to take you to the next dialog or check out the
"filter submission guidelines"

If you see this dialog this means that something is wrong with your filter. So you have to check it before moving on. I intentionally
forgot to connect something since this does sometimes happen. This was not the first time I seen this dialog. hehe
So now you have to click finish and find where the problem is.

If your filter has a lot of components finding the error may take a few minutes to find. Looking at the above picture above this is where the
error comes from. An easy fix is to just connect something to this and off we go. I won't go into details about
what to connect or other errors that's another tutorial.

After the first dialog and there were no errors with the filter this is the next one in the process.
After reading the agreement choose to accept by clicking the checkbox
or choose cancel. If you agree click the "next" button.

After the agreement dialog you are now taking to the log-in screen. A name and password is required here.
If you do not know what it is this is your user name and password for your Filter Forge account.
The cool part is the handy links in this dialog. Access your account or create one from here.

Next in the process is the dialog where you choose if your filter is a brand new filter or
an update to an early version of a filter.

NEW FILTER is a filter that you have never sent.
UPDATE is a filter that has been accepted and you are making changes such as correcting typos, adding new things etc...
TIP: Before sending an update to a filter the original filter must first be already in the Library.

If choose to update a filter you will be taking to the dialog where you can select which of
your submitted and already posted filters to update. This is my list. Just select
the filter to update and click next.

If you choose to submit a brand new filter just select that and click next.

If you have a filter with the same name you will get this dialog when trying to
submit it as a new filter. Just click "No" then click "Cancel" the process will stop so you can
change the name in the editor as normal.
Now I can change the name of the submitted filter back to "Abstract Growth 3"

Now that all the errors are fixed and the filter now has a different name we go through the submission process
again from the beginning. Once we are at the "New Filter or Update" dialog just select "Brand New Filter".
Now we need to select which category our filter will be placed in. If unsure what your filter may
be classified as check the Filter Forge website to see what and where the other user filters are.

Whatever one you choose you will be taking to this screen where you can look over the info that you wrote about this filter.
You can make changes with the edit button. From here click next. The next one is working to submit the filter
and adding it to the list. You should then see the dialog that says that your filter was successfully submitted.
Now all you can do is wait..........and hope people like it..
That's it for this tutorial.

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