Monday, May 28, 2007


Well who doesn't like some kind of disturbance now and then..Over to the right under the links I
posted a link to THE INTERNET ARCHIVE.....Where some of my music is now resting in the hands of the public..Whats even more scarey is one of the songs is named Electroflux...Which by the way if you listin to that song please make sure there are no dogs present in the room. Its a song that creates high pitch squealing sounds through an old Korg synth petal.
Which was fun to do..Just plug a instrument cable into the petal and touch the open end with the finger a certain way and you will get noise...Fiddle with the knobs on the petal while touching
the open end and you get a whole new kind of synth noises...
Same goes for FOOTSTEPS..All goldfish out of the room for this one...:>)
You can also click here for the archives..

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CFandM said...

The links are actually on the left now..

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